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Fox Pool Liners

One of the most important features of your pool is the vinyl liner.

Fox liners are made from 20, 24 or 28 mil virgin vinyl that’s formulated with ultraviolet inhibitors and anti-bacterial agents to ensure long life. They are fabricated in our Liner Shop, beginning with a detailed mechanical drawing. Using computer aided cutting machines, the vinyl is cut to exact specifications, providing a perfect pattern match. Each liner is lap welded which ensures superior strength.

Fabrication of your Fox liner starts with a detailed mechanical drawing of the pool.

The liner shop then uses computer aided cutting machines to cut the liner sections to the exact dimensions, providing a perfect pattern match. The Fox liner sections are then lap welded, fusing the material together. Lap welding ensures superior strength and is proven to be stronger than simple seam welds. The result is a form fitted liner that is designed to fit your properly constructed pool exactly. Proper fit is essential to making sure the liner doesn't become stretched, which could cause premature failure.

With a Fox liner you can have the luxury look of tile, without the tile maintenance. Our smooth surface will not chip, crack, peel, or cause abrasions to the skin. Proper applications and use of chemicals will ensure that your Fox liner will last for many years. Fox offers a variety of liner patterns including several proprietary Fox designs.

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